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Secrets to Sell Your Home Fast

Important Things to Know When Selling Your Home

If you're like most people, your house is more than your greatest financial asset, it’s closely tied to your heart.


Deciding to sell it is a big decision. It requires preparation both physically and mentally. Your Realtor’s® goal should be to help guide and inform your decisions and eliminate your stress!

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors® homes listed with a Realtor® sell for 18% more than those sold For Sale by Owner.

Three secrets to sell your home fast at the perfect price.


Your home’s true value is in the eye of the person who loves it the most. Currently that is probably you. You’ve likely invested a lot of love, time, money, and energy into your house. Determining the market value versus your heart’s value can be a challenge. Keep this in mind when settling on the value of your house. 

Do your research and look at what homes around you have sold for. If the price in your mind is quite different than what others have sold for, make a list of the reasons why. A Realtor® can help you find not only the appropriate value, but the price point buyers who like your type of house are searching. 

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If your home’s value is in the eye of the person who loves it the most, then it only makes sense that one of your top priorities should be to make your house loveable by as many people as possible. This means you need to make it more generic for the masses (at least the masses who are interested in your type of house). Be willing to remove clutter, less is more when people come to look at your house. The less of your stuff they see, the easier it is for them to picture their own stuff in the space. Be prepared to do a big decluttering, a deep cleaning, and possibly some painting. Remove as much of “you” from your house as you can – to make it a dream home for your buyer.


You get what you pay for. As with most things in life, this rings especially true when it comes to hiring a Realtor®. Your home is a high dollar asset. The thought of “giving” 6% of that value to someone “just to sell it” can be intimidating. But remember what you receive in exchange for that payment. 

You may sell a few homes in your lifetime. Realtor’s® sell homes every day. The right agent knows your market, knows homes, knows buyers, is dedicated to being available for showings, and knows the necessary paperwork.

You’re paying for their expertise. Realtor’s® also know what people buy. They can help you frame your house in a way that excites the buyers. A well-trained real estate agent can also help you set a “I gotta have that home” price point to spur the most interest and quickest sale.

It’s very important to interview at least a couple of Realtor’s® when it comes time to sell your home. When you’ve decided to enlist the help of an agent, be sure to pick one you enjoy talking to – you’ll likely be speaking daily for at least a few weeks. 

I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet you and give you a few more selling secrets! 

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I absolutely love selling homes and it shows! I put my whole heart into showing the world how special your house can be! However, nothing tells the success story of a real estate agent better than happy buyers and sellers. 

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